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Presentations for Lifestyle Medicine 2019 “The Foundation of Health Care” are now being accepted. 

True to this year’s theme of “The Foundation of  Health Care,” Lifestyle Medicine 2019 is designed to educate, equip and empower a galvanized force of change-agent physicians, allied health professionals and healthcare executives who understand that lifestyle medicine is the necessary foundation of true healthcare reform. Putting health back into healthcare is the mission, with a practical, can-do, lifestyle medicine-first approach.

With this in mind, we have created the following submission categories as areas where the Lifestyle Medicine “foundations” are being laid to create transformations and real healthcare.  Please use these as a guide for your submission so the planning committee can review your presentations in the most efficient manner.  These are general guidelines and we look forward to your presentation proposals!  

Category 1 –   Family (e.g. pediatric, maternal/ fetal, women’s health, aging)

Category 2 –   Community (e.g. healthcare disparities, social determinants, public health)

Category 3 –   Global (e.g. environment, international, rural, economics)

Category 4 –   Academics/ Education (e.g. academia, schools, student/ physician education)

Category 5 –   Patient Empowerment (e.g. coaching, tools, strategies, engagement models)

Category 6 –   Innovation/ Business (e.g. strategies, systems, practice models, technology)

Category 7 –   Science/ Research (e.g. evidence-base for various LM components)

Category 8 –   Miscellaneous

If you have a unique perspective about your experiences in laying the foundation of Lifestyle Medicine and implementing real change, we encourage you to submit a presentation.  The goal of this year’s conference is to share such insights so our attendees can continue to take back practical tips with them to likewise be change agents through their respective roles.   

Do you want to share your story of the power of Lifestyle Medicine in addressing childhood obesity and improving the lives of children?  Or address how Lifestyle Medicine is the pathway to true health equity?  Are you working to create change in academia by ensuring that younger generations are aware of Lifestyle Medicine and its benefits?

May be you are using Lifestyle Medicine in your community to address food insecurity or using it as a force against the opioid epidemic?  Are you challenging the status quo and changing what is available for lunch in at your worksite or your child’s school cafeterias?  Or working on innovative ways to engage patients such that LM becomes the easy way forward?

If you are developing sustainable health and healthcare models and making sure that Lifestyle Medicine is “The Foundation of Health Care” we would love to hear your story! 

Submissions are due by midnight PDT on Monday, February 25. For now, please assume that most sessions will be 60 minutes including time for Q&A. 

*Assumptions for all presenters: 
Before submitting, please make sure you are free to attend Lifestyle Medicine 2019 set for October 27 – 30 in Orlando, Florida . Learn more about Lifestyle Medicine 2019:

We receive many submissions, and must prioritize them based on appropriateness of content, impact, evidence and fit into the conference schedule. All submissions will be reviewed, and you will be contacted with a decision as soon as possible after the submission deadline. We thank you in advance for your submission, and giving us the opportunity to consider your session proposal.

We, the community of lifestyle medicine colleagues, appreciate your dedication and desire to be an educator and embrace this wonderful opportunity to be a national presenter in this field. We can support that endeavor by covering your registration fee and one evening at the hotel but will not be able to cover any additional travel expenses or honorariums.

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