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Presentations for Lifestyle Medicine 2018 “Real Health Care Reform” are now being accepted. Do you have a unique perspective about how we shift the discourse of healthcare reform from the current focus of “Who is going to pay for the ever-increasing cost of care” to “Using evidence-based lifestyle medicine to dramatically REDUCE DEMAND for healthcare”? If so, we want to hear from you, because only the latter leads to sustainable health and healthcare!

True to this year’s ‘Real Health Care Reform’ theme, Lifestyle Medicine 2018 is designed to educate, equip and empower a galvanized force of change-agent physicians, allied health professionals and healthcare executives who understand that lifestyle medicine is the necessary foundation of true healthcare reform. Putting health back into healthcare is the mission, with a lifestyle medicine-first approach.

Please submit your response to our Call for Presentations about effective practice models, about the science that supports the efficacy of lifestyle medicine, about innovative approaches to reforming our current, unsustainable model of healthcare!

Submissions are due by midnight PDT on Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

For now, please assume that most sessions will be 45-65 minutes including time for Q&A.

*Assumptions for all presenters

Before submitting, please make sure you are able to attend Lifestyle Medicine 2018 set for October 21-24 in Indianapolis, IN. For conference details please visit:

We expect to receive many responses to our Call for Presentations.  They will b ranked according to the content, impact, evidence and fit into the conference schedule. All submissions will be reviewed, and you will be contacted with a decision as soon as possible after the submission deadline. Thank you in advance for your submission, and giving us the opportunity to consider your session proposal.

ACLM is grateful to you for your dedication to the field and desire to be an educator, embracing the opportunity to be a showcased presenter in the field.  We’re able to support your participation by offering a complimentary conference registration and covering one evening at the JW Marriott Indianapolis.  We’re unable to cover additional travel expenses or honorariums.

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