A toxic food culture is fueling skyrocketing rates of chronic illness, unsustainable medical costs, and environmental deterioration. Big agribusiness and food industry giants are spending billions in ad dollars and lobbyists, with the result that their products are craved, accessible – and subsidized. And most doctors learn next to nothing in medical school about the real foundation of health, which is food. All of this is having a devastating impact on the consumer. It often feels like you have to swim upstream just to do the right thing for your family’s health! But the good news is that there are solutions to these problems, and tangible steps we can take to make healthy food more accessible and more affordable for all. Join Food Revolution Network CEO Ocean Robbins for a candid, heartening and inspiring look at the truth about food, and what you can do to be an effective force for positive change.


Learning Objectives

  • Find out why, despite all that we know, rates of sickness continue to rise. It’s not just chance – it’s the predictable outcome of policies and practices that were designed to uphold the status quo, and to generate profits for a few, more than to support public health.
  • Explore key points of influence in the food movement. You’ll find out how we can change medical education and food policy to support health and welfare for humanity.
  • Get top real-world tips for effective advocacy (how to win friends, influence people, and change the world, one relationship at a time).


The date


Tue, 29 Oct 2019