It is well understood and appreciated that Lifestyle Medicine offers a solution to address the increase in chronic illness and cost of health care. However, currently most healthcare organizations do not include a Lifestyle Medicine department or programs in their suite of services. There are often challenges or barriers to development and implementation of this new approach to treatment and care. In this presentation we will highlight some of the most common obstacles and will showcase the evolution of one lifestyle medicine department and its spectrum of programs at one major Medical Center that is now serving as a model for others. In this presentation we will show how we were able to make the business case to develop an extensive offering of resources which include a culinary program, mindfulness-based program, as well as a pediatric weight management program. We will also present preliminary data on a clinical trial called HALT or Health achieved through lifestyle transformation which is focused on reversing diabetes and heart disease through lifestyle changes. Strategies for a sustainable business model will be highlighted.


The date


Tue, 23 Oct 2018


3:30pm - 4:30pm