Our healthcare industry is in desperate need for reform. With our rising cost of health care, increasing demands on clinicians (meaningful use, quality care in short appointments, attaining quality metrics) and with rising epidemic of chronic illnesses such as Obesity and Diabetes, our responsibility lies in placing Health back in Health Care. I propose doing this by creating a Health and Wellness Coaching Model in Primary Care.

Most patients with chronic disease diagnoses do not receive the proven interventions that will prevent disease progression, often due to the lack of time, training and structured resources, contributing to rising health care costs. This disconnect between clinicians’ advise and patients’ understanding leads to progression of disease states.

Health and Wellness Coaching model: patient-centered, outcome-focused care.
o Will positively align with value-based care
o Improve patient outcomes, reducing cost of healthcare.
o Improve patient satisfaction
o Positive ROI with improved Quality Metrics
o Reduce Physician Burnout

Health Coaching Team Based Care
o Collaborate with clinicians on desired care plans : closing the loop that often lacks in primary care
o Engage patients in desired behavior change through lifestyle coaching group visits and with use of technology
o Customize intervention plans (diet counseling and exercise prescriptions)
o Engagement with community resources

Our clinicians lack the training and time to evaluate the patients from a holistic perspective. Health coaches can help the team in providing a comprehensive approach identifying social determinants of health and create a customized care plan. This high value health care delivery will result in patient engagement, behavior change and self empowerment.



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Mon, 22 Oct 2018


10:00am - 11:00am