• Nearly 2/3rd of Americans are stressed out
• Learn Psychoneuroimmunological Effects of Stress on the body
• Learn how stress causes worsening of multiple illnesses in the body and how do we decrease the stress
• Learn how do we cope with stress to reduce demand for Healthcare

Presentation will cover:
Learn innovative model of stress and how to cope with various stressors
Stress can be:
 Physical stress, Health problems
 Financial problems
 Relationships problems
 Psychological stress
 Work related problems
 Experiencing traumatic events
 Spiritual conflicts

Learn how stress affects the body:
Stress causes automatic biological response to demands made upon a person. It initiates a complex biochemical and biological processes. The process may begin in the brain and spread through autonomic nervous system, releasing hormones and affecting immune system. Both nervous system and endocrine system are involved causing series of reactions throughout the body.

Understand how Chronic Sympathetic Activation worsen following problems
 Obesity
 Insulin Resistance/Diabetes
 Hypertension
 Arrhythmia
 Congestive Heart Failure
 Sleep apnea

Understand effects of anxiety, anger and depression on cardiac death
Learn stress worsens following conditions:
1. Allergies and Asthma
2. Increased Blood pressure
3. Angina and heart disease
4. Back pain, muscle spasms
5. Arthritis, Fibromyalgia
6. Headaches
7. Gastrointestinal symptoms, including stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome
8. Sexual dysfunction including menstrual irregularities and pain in genitourinary organs.
9. Increase proneness to cancer
10. Increase susceptibility to infections including colds
11. Hair and scalp problems
12. Worsening of Diabetes
13. Insomnia
14. Most Psychiatric illnesses including Depression, Anxiety disorders worsen with stress.
15. Problems related to infertility.
16. Use of drugs/alcohol
17. Weight gain or weight loss
18. Proneness to accident
19. Poor work performance, poor attention

It is essential to treat underlying stressors which will prevent worsening of above problems to reduce demand for Healthcare
 Empowering state will affect psychoneuroimmunologically creating empowering body physiology.
 Disempowering state will affect psychoneuroimmunologically creating disempowering body physiology and worsening multiple illnesses.
 Many studies show negative effects of stress on immunity and autoimmune disorders.

Learn it is essential to treat underlying stress instead of keep increasing medications for physical symptoms. If you want to succeed in life and create phenomenal health learn to master coping with stressors.
Learn about Autonomic Function Interventions by using Lifestyle interventions.

Keywords :
Effects of Stress on the body; How to cope with stress; Stress causes worsening of multiple illnesses



The date


Mon, 22 Oct 2018


11:15am - 12:30pm