The Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative “LMEd” has been working since 2013 to incorporate Lifestyle Medicine into the education of medical students. LMEd’s vision for the future is that medical schools will teach lifestyle medicine as an integral component of their curricula by providing an array of evidence-based curricular resources, creating assessment, supporting students, faculty, and administration, and promoting legislation supporting education.
Since LMEd’s last formal presentation at the 2014 ACLM conference, the initial focus on US medical schools has expanded to now include residencies, allied medical professions (i.e., Nurses, NP’s, PA’s, Pharmacists) as well as Health Systems, Clinics, LM education providers, and Non-profits (including a global audience); all accomplished through the generous support of sponsors and collaborative work.
This proposed session will present on the essential need for of health professional education reform as a compliment to the ACLM Conference theme, ‘Real Health Care Reform’. Conference participants will be engaged in their roles as formal educators in training programs, clinical mentors and as advocates supporting transformation of health professional training.
We also will highlight significant LMEd progress in our five strategic areas, collaborating with many stellar Lifestyle Medicine organizations, to further the Lifestyle Medicine education movement in a unified cooperative manner:
Outreach: We have now engaged and mentored administrators, faculty, and students in >50% of US medical schools.
Curricula: We have an array of curricular materials available through AAMC’s MedEdPORTAL Lifestyle Medicine collection and in the LMEd Dropbox with >700 elements.
Student Support: Travel Grants and Poster Awards in concert with ACLM’s Professionals in Training.
Policy: Actively working with aligned groups including ACLM, ACPM, ACSM, American Council on Exercise and others to lobby for legislation supportive of Lifestyle Medicine education.
Assessment: Launch of National Board of Medical Examiners focused assessment of Lifestyle Medicine knowledge in US medical schools.
The session will include interactive learning lead by the three co-directors of LMEd to engage the participants to be future Champions of Change in promoting the integration of lifestyle medicine into health professional education.
In summary, our talk will be valuable to the audience where they are in Lifestyle Medicine Education and how LMEd can assist in what they each want to accomplish in 2018/2019 post- conference.



The date


Mon, 22 Oct 2018


7:00am - 8:00am