Real healthcare reform is not about cliches, buzzwords or “flavors of the month”. Real healthcare reform starts with understanding what’s really at stake:
– The need for healthcare providers and health care systems to help to get patients and their community healthier
– Addressing drastic changes in the reimbursement payment models, in support of population health models
– Integrating medical care with overall well-being to create health promotion; and
– Understanding your role as a medical and/ or administrative leader to embrace others and be part of leading the change

That is very hard work, takes persistence, takes meeting people where they are without judgment and calls on us to show up as inspired and resilient leaders. In turn, we could guide our team to create sustainable change. That will create meaningful health care reform. It takes action, without judgment on our end – as the true leaders of healthcare who know we can help others move towards greater health promotion. It starts with You. It starts with you remembering your “why” and how you came into this profession with the desire, passion and willingness to help others. Now is your time.


The date


Mon, 22 Oct 2018


3:30pm - 4:30pm