While Lifestyle Medicine providers are working to put “health back in healthcare”, employers are working not only to reduce cost but to attempt to provide benefits that actually benefit their employees’ health. This has been traditionally done by adding wellness services and other add on products that have proven unsuccessful. Real Healthcare reform and collaboration will be driven when all parties agree with the desired outcomes. Using data to explain to the C-Suite what services employees need, the impact of increased risk and the medical spend waste related to providing the wrong healthcare, changes the conversation with the employer. When the purchaser understands the inefficiency of not being proactive to reduce the incidence of chronic conditions, the demand for preventative and lifestyle medicine increases.

Learning Objectives
1. Improve the providers understanding of the employers prospective, to allow for more effective communication between providers and employers.
2. Provide providers with more objective information to help create more meaningful conversations with purchasers (the employer).
3. Increase the providers vocabulary in how to sell their product to the employer community.



The date


Tue, 23 Oct 2018


11:15am - 12:30pm