“Diet Wars! A Tour of Duty from Vegan to Paleo” is a critically important addition to the conversation of transforming health care in the area of how we counsel and support patients and clients transformations from the current high risk Western eating pattern, which has additional inertia secondary to a cacophony of confusion over what characterizes a healthy eating pattern and the individual’s right to choose within a range of options, all of which can be validly supported as potentially effective as long as they feel they can stick with it! With that as background, “Diet Wars!” is a CME comparative of “dashing DASH”, “medical (as opposed to common restaurant versions of) Mediterranean”, “healthy (WFPP – whole food plant pure) Vegan”, and “proper (fiber, fruit and vegetable heavy, animal based light) Paleo”. It makes a compelling case that all of these, and similarly spirited, eating patterns (e.g., Pritikin, Esselstyn) – while technically modestly different (which will be clarified) are far more similar to each other, overall, than any are to the “CRAP-SAD”’ (calorie rich and processed standard American diet) when looking at time honored dietary components such as intact fiber, potassium/sodium ratio, calorie density, nutrient density and saturated fat/cholesterol. A controlled study of “Mediterranean vs Paleo” and a detailed meta-analysis of different dietary patterns effect on blood pressure (e.g., DASH, Mediterranean, among others) will be presented as “battles” to be scrutinized. A final “take home” table will be presented at the end with all the “healthy eating” patterns discussed and the CRAP-SAD will be placed on horizontal axis and evidence based nutritional targets of concern (fiber, calorie density, potassium/sodium ratio, saturated fat/cholesterol) on the vertical access to “distill” the talk to a compelling end with time for Q&A.


The date


Tue, 23 Oct 2018


3:30pm - 4:30pm