Cummins Inc is a global power company based in Columbus, Indiana. Cummins invested to build a highly integrated cross-functional primary care center on their headquarters campus. The core construct of this center is lifestyle medicine and the belief that everyone who interacts with a patient is a coach and has a responsibility to help change behavior. The Cummins model is a patient centered approach that incorporates the real world needs of a blue collar working community, which include care for dependents, same day acute care, physical modality practitioners, occupational medicine and dietary counseling. The purpose of the presentation is to explore the model, initial intent, adjustments to serve the needs of the population, present data regarding utilization, behavioral and clinical outcomes, and successes and challenges.

The data elements and trends that we will be discussing in this presentation include:

  • Same Day, Walk-In, Lifestyle Visit distribution
  • Accommodation of acute care needs in a Lifestyle model
  • Lifestyle Medicine Index (LMI) metrics: BMI, BP, Glucose, Cholesterol
  • 5 LMI risk categories and movement between those subgroup, demonstration of improvement, and linear trends.
  • Demonstrating clinically significant change
  • Disease reversal
    • Description of our definition of disease reversal
    • Case presentations of 4 diabetes cases

We will conclude with a panel discussion about the feasibility of large integrated LM practices both at the worksite and in the community. We will discuss strategic and tactical approaches to integrating a Lifestyle medicine into busy, high volume family practice setting.


The date


Wed, 24 Oct 2018