Code Blue reveals lapses in the current state of medicine and provides a common sense solution by featuring the practice of lifestyle medicine to prevent, manage and reverse chronic diseases. The film presents the hurdles to the proposed shift: antiquated curricula in medical schools, confusion in the media, inadequate government policies, and the underlying influences of the pharmaceutical and food industries. code blue follows a passionate physician, Dr. Saray Stancic, as she reflects upon her journey from a multiple sclerosis diagnosis to wellness through her own adoption of lifestyle medicine. Dr. Stancic introduces us to expert physicians and scientists who are paving the way to make meaningful and necessary change in our healthcare environment, and in turn, empowering audiences to stand up and reclaim control of their health.


Learning Objectives

Discuss scientific literature illustrating the efficacy of Lifestyle Medicine which includes, the Potsdam study, North Karelia Project and the China Study.

Define the Science of Epigenetics and what variables influence gene expression.

Discuss the physical activity guidelines and benefits for overall well-being.

Understand the current lapses in medical education and need for reforming curricula in medical schools.


The date


Mon, 19 Aug 2019