This will be the third of a three-part series on successful reimbursement. Attendees will become familiar the nuts and bolts of reimbursement for Lifestyle Medicine through the newly released (scheduled for September 2019) ACLM Reimbursement Roadmap.

Our discussion will review the requirements for reimbursement; credentialing, documentation and coding; providing examples of what works within a fee for service practice and explore other models of reimbursement such as concierge, value based contracting and direct to employer arrangements. Advocacy will continue to keep lifestyle medicine in the minds of payers and legislators; a list of important talking points will be shared to reinforce effective advocacy for lifestyle medicine. Finally access to the reimbursement wiki will be demonstrated. Participants will develop and reinforce current and future practice strategies with these lifestyle medicine reimbursement guidelines.


Learning Objectives

  1. Identify at least 3 diagnosis and procedural code combinations that are likely to be reimbursed in a fee for service practice.
  2. Explain value-based contracting.
  3. Access the ACLM Reimbursement Roadmap on the ACLM website; members only section.

CME/CNE/CE: 1.0 | CPE: 0.0


The date


Mon, 28 Oct 2019