With physician burn out and suicides on the rise, physicians, as well as other health professionals, can benefit from comprehensive well-being programs that emphasize healthy lifestyle and positive psychology-based behaviors. Medical practitioners’ personal experience with these behaviors can improve self-care and spur engagement in lifestyle medicine.

This workshop complements a new online course (with an anticipated release date of spring 2020) and offers an overview of effective comprehensive healthy lifestyle approaches for busy practitioners, including health system changes that support practitioner well-being. The majority of the workshop will involve experiential exercises and action planning for healthy eating, physical activity, meditation/mindfulness, and positive psychology-based habits. Participants will self-evaluate their current well-being status to guide their personal action plans and develop follow-up measures of success.

Participants will also have the opportunity to serve as champions for the program in their health care communities and medical societies. Through wide-spread adoption of this and similar programs that emphasize comprehensive healthy lifestyles, we can collectively improve physician and health professional well-being, grow the field of lifestyle medicine, and improve health outcomes across a spectrum of populations.

Learning Objectives

  • Conduct a brief flourishing self-assessment
  • Develop action steps in personally achieving and sustaining a comprehensive healthy lifestyle, including eating a whole food plant based diet, being physically active, and engaging in positive psychology activities
  • Apply positive psychology activities for emotional well-being and physical health and to support healthy behaviors
  • Plan at least one strategy for influencing health care workplace culture to support well-being of health teams

Price $90 members | $120 non-member


The date


Sun, 25 Oct 2020