Pre-COVID, certain types of stress were a major factor that not only led to poorer individual health and well-being, but also sapped organizational performance. The understandable anxiety resulting from the current public health situation has further amplified this challenge, particularly for healthcare workers and others we might desperately need to rely upon should we see a resurgence of disease later this year. And while employer and employee interests are largely aligned to reduce unnecessary employee stress and improve employees’ ability to deal with unavoidable challenges that can spark stress, very few leaders know the science behind what can and should be done.

This workshop will be of interest to a variety of professionals including those who lead or manage organizations with healthcare and non-healthcare workers as well as clinicians and coaches providing wellness support services. Together we will learn skills and behaviors with the potential to enhance your own and your employees’ performance and health.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify sources of stress in the workplace and prioritizing interventions based on what is manageable and leads to improved individual well-being and company performance
  • Identify psychological skills and mindsets that result in better well-being and performance under stress
  • Practice behaviors that can improve these skills and mindsets

Price $60 members | $80 non-member


The date


Thu, 22 Oct 2020