This workshop will help you become comfortable presenting yourself as a lifestyle medicine professional and expert for social media, print media, on radio and podcasts, and in front of a camera. Learn basic interview and communication strategies and techniques. Learn how to create social media accounts and how to get them active. Learn how to manage your online reputation. Dr. La Puma has done hundreds of media interviews and hosted shows for Lifetime TV and PBS; Dr. Frates has been active, engaged and successful on social media. Their energy and expertise will help to guide you to a place of comfort in this arena that is often uncomfortable for many clinicians. Presenters: Elizabeth Pegg Frates, MD, FACLM Assistant Professor, Part Time, Harvard Medical School and John La Puma MD, FACP, Founder Chef Clinic and Co-founder ChefMD.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how to create your three main points for any interview and bridge to one of them.
  • Create and manage a social media account, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Describe a sample personal brand, including image and substance, and a category to own or create.

Price $60 members | $80 non-members


The date


Thu, 22 Oct 2020