In this three hour workshop, faculty will first explore the six pillars of lifestyle medicine over a woman’s life stages, focusing on the unique aspects of women’s health. Starting at the molecular level we’ll review epigenetic imprinting of a woman’s genes and its impact on her and her offspring’s future health. Moving from bench research to clinical care, faculty will review patient centric language and office based tools that can empower your practice to positively address your patients’ weight and the impact it has on their health. Underlying so much of our patients’ health is the toxic stress accumulated from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Participants will review how to assess the ACE score, its impact on health, and tools for building resilience. Finally, we’ll use “the fourth trimester” (aka postpartum care) as a model for connecting pregnancy outcomes with a lifetime of improved endocrine, cardiac, and mental health care.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the six pillars of lifestyle medicine and their unique impact on women
  • Understand the power of healthy lifestyle choices on epigenetics both in utero and throughout a woman’s lifespan
  • Choose language that empowers positive body image, self-esteem, while addressing lifestyle factors improve health
  • Evaluation for ACE’s (adverse childhood experiences) and specific strategies to build resilience
  • Learn the critical role of “the 4th trimester” in a woman’s lifetime cardiac, endocrine, and mental health


Price $90 members | $120 non-member


The date


Sun, 25 Oct 2020