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Most patients spend a half an hour every few months or even just once a year with their doctor. However, if they are fully employed, they spend half their waking hours at work! What better place for our patients to seek support for making healthy choices? This workshop will provide the fundamentals for assisting an employer in bringing lifestyle medicine in to the workplace.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  1. Define ‘culture of health’ and give three examples of how to build a culture of health.
  2. List four best practices of employee health and & productivity management programs and prioritize which one you will address first (and why).
  3. Define behavioral economics and give at least one example of how it can be used to help people make healthy choices in the workplace.
  4. Describe the Ecological Model of Health Behavior and how it applies to the workplace.
  5. Explain the Diffusion of Innovation theory and how it can be applied to lifestyle medicine.
  6. List three ways to measure progress in bringing lifestyle medicine in to the workplace and choose one way to apply to your personal situation.


The date


Sun, 21 Oct 2018