Lifestyle Medicine is the transformative, sustainable care model that delivers on the four overarching HP2020 goals, but it will never become a reality unless financially viable. This workshop will guide the participant to assess, plan, and execute their own reimbursement strategy; build a sustainable reimbursement plan; and identify next steps for making Lifestyle Medicine a profitable career. We will discuss reimbursement models for immediate implementation while preparing for value-based models most favorable to sustaining lifestyle medicine. We will share our experience providing sustainable lifestyle medicine services and what we have learned through the ACLM Reimbursement MIG; including group, individual, telehealth, intensive therapeutic lifestyle change, Cardiac Rehab, Primary Care First, Pay for Performance, capitated and hybrid reimbursement models. The final part of the workshop will include a panel of LM providers sharing their successful reimbursement experiences. These may include John Gobble, DrPH, RDN, FACLM, Ted Barnett, MD, FACLM, Padmaja Patel, MD and Meagan Grega, MD, FACLM.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the basic requirements for health plan reimbursements.
  2. Describe at least 3 reimbursement models
  3. Discuss appropriate billing and diagnosis code requirements for successful claims
  4. Build a reimbursement proforma appropriate for a profitable LM practice plan
  5. Describe the reimbursement experiences of at least 2 successful LM providers

Price $90 members | $120 non-members


The date


Sun, 25 Oct 2020