For Lifestyle Medicine (LM) to work well, the LM practitioner must be an expert in health behavior change. Health behavior change is most successful in community. LM group visits offer the opportunity to maximize health behavior change, both acutely and for long term maintenance. This workshop will describe what has been learned from running financially viable group visits for the last three years. Topics covered include how to get a group visit started, maximizing the group visit team, group visit formats, how to bill for group visits, and successful group visit facilitation. The workshop will include multiple real group visit examples as well as opportunities for hands on experience practicing creating and implementing group visits in your practice. Specific templates, tools, and materials for successful group visit implementation will be distributed during the workshop.

Learning Objectives

  • List benefits of running lifestyle medicine group visits
  • Describe the steps required to start a successful group visit in your practice
  • Develop billing and reimbursement strategies for group visits
  • Review the skill sets required to be an effective group facilitator

Price $130 members | $160 non-members


The date


Mon, 26 Oct 2020


2:00pm - 5:00pm