With modern science connecting with traditional wisdom, sleep has become a special prime time topic.  Both within our world of medicine and to the people that we wish to serve, there is a greater interest in getting to sleep, staying asleep and waking up with renewed energy. Sleep honors our physical well being, in addition to our mental and emotional health.  Lifestyle medicine experts will be uniquely positioned to diagnosis medical sleep disorders as well as to honor a key connection to all of health and healing.  With a lifestyle perspective, our day time lives (nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness) will set up our night time rest– and vice versa.  With growing interest in lifestyle medicine and sleep, we invite you to join the Lifestyle Medicine Sleep Workshop.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define healthy sleep and its overall connections to health and healing
  2. Delineate key points as part of sleep history and examination
  3. Identify common sleep-related diagnoses and a rational approach for workup and treatment
  4. Educate patients on the bidirectional benefits of sleep health and lifestyle medicine

CME/CNE/CE: 3.0 | CPE: 0.0


Price $120


The date


Wed, 30 Oct 2019