Price: $90

Workshop Description

Supporting your efforts to implement lifestyle medicine education into health professional training.

Are you a medical student, resident or professional in training? Do you teach medical students, residents or other health professionals in training? Are you passionate about Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine must become foundational to the training of all health professionals for it to become fully integrated into our health care system. Join us for a hands-on, interactive, small group training to become the champion of change in your school or training program.

The Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative (LMEd) in conjunction with ACLM is sponsoring this one-day workshop to engage and empower you to bring Lifestyle Medicine to your school or training program.

Roll up your sleeves and develop the roadmap that will guide you to instituting Lifestyle Medicine curricula.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the rapidly expanding landscape of Lifestyle Medicine education in medical schools, residencies and other health professional training.
  • Identify the optimal Lifestyle Medicine educational material available for your use in training health professionals.
  • Receive guidance, mentoring and support to successfully advocate for inclusion of Lifestyle Medicine education at your school or training program.
  • Engage in mutually supportive collaborations with other Lifestyle Medicine educators across the US.

Students, residents, faculty and deans are encouraged to attend.


The date


Sun, 27 Oct 2019