Creating a Lifestyle Medicine Brand

This workshop is sold out! Please consider registering for another workshop. If you’re establishing or transitioning your practice to focus on Lifestyle Medicine, you will need to develop key tools to create your brand and connect with your patients, helping them to understand the power of Lifestyle Medicine and adopt the changes that you suggest. Price: $120 Learning Objectives: Understand the messaging and design challenges that physicians commonly encounter in creating a new or transitioning an existing practice to Lifestyle Medicine Learn how to define and articulate your practice’s unique platform Develop the targeted language that you need to engage…

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Injecting LM into the Workplace

Most patients spend a half an hour every few months or even just once a year with their doctor. However, if they are fully employed, they spend half their waking hours at work! What better place for our patients to seek support for making healthy choices? This workshop will provide the fundamentals for assisting an employer in bringing lifestyle medicine in to the workplace. Price: $120 Learning Objectives After participating in this workshop, attendees will be able to: Define ‘culture of health’ and give three examples of how to build a culture of health. List four best practices of employee…

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The Doctor is in (The Kitchen): Cooking Delicious Food for Disease Prevention & Treatment

This workshop is sold out! Please consider registering for another workshop. Join these two chef-MDs, Chef Michelle Hauser, MD, MPA, MS and Chef Linda Shiue, MD to learn how to incorporate cooking delicious, healthy food into your life and practice. Price: $190 (Price includes culinary tools used in class.) Learning Objectives Define culinary medicine and give background on the movement to improve health and reverse disease using food. Highlight the evidence for cooking in ways that are appropriate for chronic disease prevention and reversal. Understand the importance of personal health in the care of your patients. Prepare delicious, seasonal, healthy,…

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Champions of Change Workshop in Lifestyle Medicine

In association with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine 2017 Conference in Tucson, Arizona This professionally facilitated, hands-on workshop will be led by LMEd directors, Edward Phillips, MD; Jennifer Trilk, PhD; and Dennis Muscato, MS. Breakfast and lunch included Sunday, October 22, 2017 Westin La Paloma in Tucson, Arizona 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM Supporting your efforts to implement lifestyle medicine education into health professional training. Workshop participants will be able to: Recognize the rapidly expanding landscape of Lifestyle Medicine education in medical schools, residencies and other health professional training. Identify the optimal Lifestyle Medicine educational material available for your use…

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A Comprehensive Clinical Lifestyle Medicine Tool Kit for Defining, Detecting, Defying and Defeating Diabetes.

To be called an expert or specialist in lifestyle medicine requires an in-depth clinical understanding of how to effectively prevent, evaluate, and reverse type 2 diabetes. A clinical competency, in guiding a patient through the lifestyle medicine process of reversing diabetes, is considered a standard of care within the field of lifestyle medicine. It is also a fundamental skill that serves as the foundation of a clinician’s overall effectiveness in addressing other chronic diseases. This workshop aims to outline the clinical tools used by a lifestyle medicine specialist in the prevention, comprehensive assessment, and reversal of diabetes. In doing so,…

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Positive Emotion as a Lifestyle Medicine Tool: Addressing the Cause of the Cause of the Cause of Lifestyle-Related Diseases

Price: $120 Learning Objectives After attending this workshop participants will be able to: Describe the impact of emotional well-being on the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases Understand how positive emotion is the key driver in making behavior change with direct effects on health and longevity Identify the key evidence-based interventions that support emotional well-being Apply at least three techniques from positive psychology that can be used in personal and clinical settings to boost resiliency

Running Lifestyle Medicine Group Visits: The Science, The Art, and The Business

Price: $120 Learning Objectives To state the procedures for starting a lifestyle medicine group To list the benefits of running lifestyle medicine groups for patients and providers To cite studies supporting the use of the group session model for behavior change To demonstrate various styles and personnel mixes when running group sessions To describe the power of group sessions for healing, recovery, and behavior change

Lifestyle Medicine Practice Success Bootcamp

Description: Boot Camp for successful LM practice, this 1/2 day training takes attendees through all the basics of operationalizing a successful LM practice: ICD-10 coding for LM, billing guidance for LM with ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’, key clinical implementation issues, charting thoroughly and efficiently, marketing basics, viable service options, business planning, and multiple take-home resources to start using immediately. Save yourself years of trial and error time and energy, and save and/or make 10’s of thousands of dollars avoiding mistakes and doing things in ways that get you paid appropriately. Attendees will have opportunity prior to the training to shape what…

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