Silver Fern Health

Corporate Roundtable Member

Silver Fern Healthcare, LLC is a U.S.-based mission-oriented company that provides a unique, validated Behavior Diagnostic Platform to clinical care teams to improve the management of chronic diseases beyond medical protocols. Their proprietary Behavior Diagnostic Platform assesses and addresses key behavior and psychosocial vital signs that drive patient engagement and outcomes. While clinicians routinely order a range of diagnostic tests, including clinical, laboratory, pathology, radiology, and genetic screenings, until now they have not had access to practical screenings for behavior and psychosocial issues that are critical to diabetes care and a professional challenge for front-line primary care clinicians. Silver Fern’s Behavior Diagnostic Platform for chronic disease management has shown in rigorous, real-world, community, and clinical settings to significantly improve health outcomes for people living with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and provides actionable recommendations and care pathways for providers and health care networks.