Rouxbe Online Culinary School

Rouxbe is the world’s leading online culinary solution for consumers, healthcare professionals, and food service organizations wanting to provide next-generation training solutions for their cooks. Found in over 650 hotels, restaurants, food service and health organizations and around the world, Rouxbe’s mission is to transform the way in which the world learns to cook for health and professional development.

A leader in Lifestyle and Behavioral health, Rouxbe’s platform serves health and wellness clients around the world. We have partnered with leading organizations to bridge the gap between nutrition knowledge (knowing what to eat and why) and the lifestyle activity of cooking. By combining basic cooking and nutrition knowledge and techniques, Rouxbe creates measurable, meaningful and sustained behavior change over the long term.

The Rouxbe Culinary Rx Prescriber program equips and empowers your team with the knowledge and skills needed to transform your clients/patients personal health – moving away from foods that harm to foods that truly have the power to heal and deliver optimum health. Culinary Rx is a self-paced course, meaning there are no specific dates or times required to be online or to turn in assignments.

Key results from the most recent survey of over 400 graduates:

• 99% would recommend the course to others
• 92% gained confidence in their cooking ability
• 88% are now motivated to adopt better overall healthier habits
• 42% are reducing meat consumption, increasing plant-based foods
• 28% are making the shift to 100% plant-based diet