PAI Health

Corporate Roundtable Member

PAI Health offers precision insights and engagement solutions that em­power organizations to guide members towards better health. Derived from one of the world’s largest health studies, the PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) algorithm determines the amount and intensity of physical activity needed to maximize protection from heart and lifestyle disease mortality. PAI offers individuals a personalized prescription for exercise, and unlike generic physical activity recommendations that are vague or rely on steps, PAI empowers individuals to achieve long-term wellness through activities they love. Maintaining PAI’s recommended level of activity has been associated with a 25% lower risk of lifestyle disease mortality and an additional 5 years added to lifespan. This impact is intensified for high-risk cohorts, and those with pre-existing cardiovas­cular disease and Type 2 Diabetes have lowered their risk by 37% and 56% respectively. Organizations can use PAI to engage their members in a personalized health dialogue, improve health outcomes, and gain new visibility into risk through real-time data insights.