obVus Solutions

“Our start up obVus Solutions has developed a wearable device and app we call minder. (password: m1nder) Our patented technology conditions good posture and mindful breathing while monitoring heart rate, skin temperature, and activity.
minder can be worn on the back, neck or chest to render posture visually while recognizing ideal breathing patterns as well as track and render movement and activity more accurately than wrist worn wearables. minder can also be worn on the wrist performing all the same functions of any sophisticated wearable/smartwatch.

The app allows the wearer, the ‘MindEE’, to follow a personalized wellness plan created with their healthcare coach. The program is centered around the injection of posture, breathing, and activity in the form of scheduled, short, and fun sessions throughout the work day. We call one of these sessions a “”Me/Mo””…. a Moment for ME to mind over ME.

Using technology to condition wellness habits in a FUN WAY is an objective. The UX of minder leverages all available internal and external motivators to help the team support better habits and address the cross-specialty healthcare problem of compliance.
To foster compliance, minder incorporates coaching via secure SMS communication between MinderPro and MindEE. They both can monitor in real time and get insight into MindEE program quantitative and qualitative compliance, send the appropriate direct message to update MinderPro, or keep MindEE motivated and on their path in a fun way utilizing emojis and all the fun technology can provide.
The data is clear and convincing that outcomes can be drastically improved through health coaching. Our goal is to use minder as the tool for the team of ‘MindEE and MinderPro’ to improve personal wellness. If we make people more mindful of their posture, breathing, and activities we will have permission to address other habits that need adopting or eradicating to affect their wellness.”