Lifestyle Medicine Pro

Lifestyle Medicine Pro is all about “Bringing Lifestyle Medicine To Life”.

It is one thing to be excited about and understand the clinical potential of lifestyle medicine. It is an entirely different creature to make it work in the real world in today’s healthcare environment. And that is what we do: support financially and operationally sustainable lifestyle medicine in the real world. If it isn’t sustainable, it really doesn’t matter because it doesn’t make a difference in patient’s or providers lives.

We understand and we know how to do it. Dr. Braman spent years building ACLM, building practice management pieces into ACLM conferences, newsletters, etc. He organized and conducted the first ever lifestyle medicine practice management conference. He has heard the many hundreds of personal stories of the specific dreams and struggles of providers with making lifestyle medicine work in the real world, and knows the typical mistakes and what works and doesn’t work. Dr. Raphael has set up many independent and unique medical practices, has been the COO for multi-billion dollar healthcare organizations, and is a behavioral and preventive care clinician himself. Cora Fonner is our billing/coding ace, keeping us playing by the rules safely while finding ways to make things work. Her fun is getting state insurance commissioners to make insurers pay what they are supposed to for clinicians. And we have a rich network of colleagues with professional expertise we can tap into for specific needs.

Lifestyle Medicine Pro is a consultancy service and so much more. We are highly experienced clinicians and management professionals passionate about lifestyle medicine. Our MO is “whatever it takes to make it work” — from consultation services, to shared resources, to billing/coding support, to lifestyle medicine project or practice business plans, to full implementations, to professional placement services, to shared practice networking, to marketing and internet real estate. From supporting individual providers, to practices of all sizes, to healthcare systems, Lifestyle Medicine Pro is your one stop solution for “Bringing Lifestyle Medicine To Life”.