AdventHealth – Coalition of Physician Well-Being

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being exists to promote the well-being of physicians who practice and administer in our health care institutions, medical practices, clinics, and other organizations. We embrace physician wholeness, which we understand to encompass physical, mental, social, and spiritual health, and which supports the embodiment of our work as a ministry of healing.

  • We cultivate physician and administrative champions who are committed to our mission and vision.
  • We develop resources for institutional program development.
  • We provide consultation and facilitation for interested organizations.
  • We create opportunities for networking and shared learning.
  • We sponsor the Medicus Integra© award, designed to promote institutional commitment to physician well-being, and assess the degree to which candidate organizations demonstrate a documented investment of resources toward this end.
  • We sponsor an active website, a monthly educational webinar, and an annual meeting in pursuit
    of our goals and for the mutual benefit of our members