Board certified internist, specializing in obesity medicine, health and wellness coaching with twenty years of clinical experience. My practice has focused on evidence based, innovative, compassionate and holistic lifestyle strategies to empower patients to adopt and maintain improved living habits. During my medical practice I initiated and led lifestyle and weight management group visits (shared medical appointments) resulting in improved patient outcomes and minimizing need for medications. In these visits, I emphasized healthy lifestyle modifications including nutritional counseling, exercise recommendations and stress management techniques to improve outcomes for patients at risk and those with common chronic diseases. I introduced a program for mindfulness-based stress reduction. To optimize their active lifestyles, I encouraged my patients and their families to join me 5K and 10 K running groups. Presented at lifestyle medicine conference “Active Lives” organized by Harvard Medical School December 2016. Scheduled to present at lifestyle medicine conference “Tools for Promoting Healthy Change” June 2018Physician leader for Wellcoaches Physician Chapter.

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