Rachel began her professional health career 15 years ago after graduating with a master’s in health promotion and wellness. Starting her career journey first in the non-profit sector working as a program coordinator for the American Lung Association, then with the State Health Department as a diabetes health educator, and then moved into the hospital setting first as a lifestyle wellness coach and then into her current position as the Pain Population Coordinator for the Eskenazi Health Integrative Pain Program. She is also a certified health coach for the American Council on Exercise bringing her expertise on lifestyle management, exercise, and nutrition into her position. She has always been interested in alternative and holistic ways of improving health; therefore, to deepen her understanding and ways to further help those she sees she is currently working towards a second master’s degree in complementary and alternative medicine.

Along with the emphasis of the IPP, which is to empower those impacted by chronic pain through the education and offering of tools to help people self-manage their pain, Rachel puts her skills to work which also highlights the use of the body and mind as a part of the holistic path to improved functioning and health. Her time with the IPP has deepened her appreciation for the integrative approach. Rachel coordinates the IPP Pain School classes and participates in the Pain School curriculum leading sessions on plant-based eating and the link between tobacco use and chronic pain. Additionally, she sees patients for nutrition counseling and helping them to make the transition from eating animal-based foods to following a more plant-based food regimen. She is happy to be a part of the IPP team that persistently works in partnership to advance the program and improve the lives of the people that the IPP program serves.

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