Lifestyle Medicine Mary Delaney

Mary is the President of Vital Incite. Her role is to help employers understand how to leverage a variety of solutions to provide meaningful healthcare coverage, promote wellbeing and mitigate cost. Mary is motivated by a genuine desire to make a lasting difference in the evolving world of healthcare. Having spent 23 years on the provider side of the healthcare industry, Mary has the unique ability to see the big picture in healthcare and develop outside-the-box strategies and solutions. She has specific expertise in wellness solutions, onsite clinic integration, disease and utilization management and the medical home model of patient care. Prior to launching Vital Incite, Mary held a number of leadership roles in healthcare. Those other positions include: CEO of Innovative Therapy Services; Regional Director of Rehab at Stryker Corporation; and President of Innovative Medical Management, a consulting company that served a variety of physician groups, including urgent care centers, specialty practices and primary care providers. In addition, she served as the Director of Employee Health Management for American Health Network, a physician practice with more than 250 providers in 2 states.
In her current role, Mary is focused on delivering data-driven strategies to employers, designed to decrease medical spend waste and efficiently guide the reinvestment of those resources into meaningful programs that ultimately result in improved employee health. Mary and the Vital Incite team currently manage population health programs for more than 80 employers throughout the US, from Alaska to Florida, providing strategies covering more than 150,000 employee lives.

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