Lifestyle Medicine Mark Faries

Dr. Faries has an integrated background in behavioral medicine, exercise/dietary psychology, exercise physiology and extension-public health. As an Associate Professor and State Extension Health Specialist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Dr. Faries provides innovative solutions for the leading health challenges across Texas through extension education, which seeks to change behavior by teaching people how to apply the results of scientific research.
As Adjunct Faculty within the Texas A&M School of Public Health and College of Medicine, Dr. Faries focuses on expanding the use of lifestyle medicine, targeting behavioral and psychological factors in patient care, expanding extension-public health collaboration, and training the next generation of ‘myth busters’ through his course MythBusters: Health Edition. He is founder of — 
 a non-profit site dedicated to debunking common health and fitness myths.
His research explores why and how people initiate and maintain healthy behaviors, with focus on innate desires and self-regulation success and failure. The long-term aim of his research and extension efforts is to provide novel and ‘out of the box’ perspectives to understand and affect successful health behavior change and maintenance. Current efforts explore a multi-level approach of clinic, community and church linkages for medication adherence, when lifestyle is the medicine.

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