Lynne Kennedy Matallana, is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and the London
School of Economics and Political Science. Her career began in corporate America, but her “outside the
box thinking” lead her to start a prestigious national public relations/advertising firm in the late ‘80’s.
The company gained great success, but Lynne’s health was a constant concern. In 1995 she was
diagnosed with fibromyalgia (FM), resulting in her spending two years in bed, suffering with the pain
and fatigue associated with the condition. Her frustration with the lack of available treatments and
support for people with FM inspired her to create an organization that would focus on building
awareness and help for people living with this misunderstood condition. In 1997 Ms. Matallana founded
the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA), which has become the major international force in the
efforts to help improve the quality of life for people with fibromyalgia.

As President of the NFA, Matallana has raised over $17 million to grow the NPO into a reputable
advocacy force, and leads its efforts to facilitate research, medical education, patient assistance, act as a
medium for mass & social media, provides quality information/resources, and inspires/trains patients to
practice better self-mgt habits globally.

Today as a health care strategic visionary, a recognized expert on fibromyalgia and chronic pain (often
referred to as the face of fibromyalgia), Lynne has now developed a new business model to improve
access to care and health outcomes for people living with the life altering effects of chronic pain. With
today’s technology, an increased acceptance of a multi-disciplinary approach to treating pain, and new
attitudes towards the value of personalized life style changes, Matallana has developed Community
Health Focus, Inc., (CHFI), a company which provides an interactive, eHealth portal to guide and assist
people with chronic pain to achieve improved health outcomes. As a catalyst for change, CHFI is
exploring ways to partner with other organizations and companies interested in reaching the large pain
community, providing more personalized options for pain patients and new ways for the patient to
better self-manage their health care.

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