Mind-Body Health & Lifestyle Medicine Professional, Author, Consultant


Liliane Mavridara synthesizes an eclectic educational background with diverse industry experience and hands-on professional expertise in the areas of transpersonal psychology, personal development, mind-body health, stress management, and women’s holistic well-being.  As an avid traveler, student of life and observer of human nature across life cycles and transitions, and within diverse communities in US and Europe, Liliane brings a down-to-earth approach and resourceful mindset in her roles as a writer, mentor, consultant, group facilitator and community educator.  Sharing her time between Washington, DC and the Bay Area, CA, Liliane consults and collaborates on programs and community engagement initiatives that promote holistic health and wellbeing, environmental awareness and its role on health, and sustainable food and nutritional practices that are good for us and the planet.

Liliane is the author of Live Brightly, A Spiritual Guide For Women: How To Move From Dissatisfaction And Loneliness To Integrity, Joy And Right Relations (2010), and of “The Way We Love Now, A Poetic Trilogy Capturing The Heart’s Journey To Find True Love (2013).” She has also published numerous works on personal development and holistic living for print and online media. Within ACLM, Liliane is Co-Chair of the Mental & Behavioral Health MIG, Co-Chair of the Mentoring and Outreach Subcommittee-LMPP Education MIG,Co-Chair of the Menopause Subcommittee-Women’s Health MIG, and an Advisory member of the ACLM Physician and Health Professionals Well-Being Program.

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