As an innovative physician leader in preventive medicine/public health and internal medicine, Dr. Lianov has advanced the lifestyle medicine movement in the US and internationally. She received the 2015 Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM). Dr. Lianov is the lead author for the 2010 publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association that unveiled the lifestyle medicine core competencies for physicians, recommended by a national blue ribbon panel of health professional organizations. In her roles as immediate past president of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) and chair of the Lifestyle Medicine Task Force and the Lifestyle Medicine Competencies Working Group of ACPM, Dr. Lianov spurred awareness about the critical need for healthy lifestyles not only to prevent, but also treat and reverse lifestyle-related diseases. She is the lead faculty for the first of its kind intensive lifestyle medicine curriculum for physicians sponsored by ACPM and ACLM. Dr. Lianov led the development of the Healthier Life Steps program at the American Medical Association, while serving as its Health Lifestyles Division Director, and forged initiatives to support physicians in helping their patients build healthy habits. She broadly promotes healthy lifestyles and environments to the public and professional audiences through her presentations and publications in the US and abroad. Dr. Lianov is also an advisor to the True Health Initiative that aims to reveal the truth behind chronic diseases, as well as the president of the International Scientific Committee of GoodMorningDoctor, a successful Italian health social network that is being expanded worldwide. She founded HealthType LLC which implements innovative strategies for making sustainable health behavior change with a focus on boosting emotional well being and offers consulting services for digital health projects.

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