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Dr. Liana Lianov chairs the Happiness Science and Positive Health (HSPH) Committee of American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM). The committee convened the inaugural Summit on Happiness Science in Health Care in 2018 to address strategies for integrating positive psychology and well-being interventions into health care. Dr. Lianov is a leader in the international lifestyle medicine movement, including spearheading the development of lifestyle medicine core competencies for health providers by a national blue ribbon panel and serving as lead faculty for the first of its kind comprehensive lifestyle medicine curriculum. She is the vice-chair of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and a past president of ACLM and has served on the boards of both ACLM and the American College of Preventive Medicine. She continues to lead the expansion of lifestyle medicine, emphasizing the key role of positive psychology in the field, and is currently spearheading a new project that uniquely harnesses positive psychology and lifestyle medicine strategies to promote health provider well-being. Previously, Dr. Lianov worked at the California Department of Health Services in a variety of public health and health care programs, including expansion of mental health services. She is board certified in internal medicine and preventive medicine and completed a psychiatry fellowship.

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