Dr. Hemant Thakur is a medical doctor, assistant clinical professor, and specialist in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a board-certified psychiatrist with specialized training in psychosomatic medicine, he has worked in various mental health settings, including alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. Dr. Thakur is Retired Colonel from United States Army Reserve, Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran and former Director of PTSD Program. He also worked for more than three decades with the Veterans Administration. After years of treating people whose lives were in ruins, he saw that traditional psychiatric treatments, traditional medicine including drug therapies, were not always effective. It was then that he began to identify common themes and simple methods that could successfully change behavior, solve problems, and minimize stress. He also started studying lifestyles of centenarians. He is Board Certified by American Board of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Thakur has lectured extensively on his holistic treatments in Europe, Asia, and the United States.
He has dedicated his life to teach people lifestyle changes to live long healthy lives and help to transform lives of war veterans who suffer from PTSD and cope with Life stressors.

Highlights of his career:

  • Currently working in PTSD program for more than 24 years, Former Director of PTSD program for 18 years and treated thousands of patients with PTSD and TBI
  • Have been teaching and effectively motivating patients on Lifestyle changes based on six pillars of Nutrition, Exercise, Tobacco free and minimal Alcohol use lifestyle, Stress management, including meditation, Sleep being essential part of health and building supportive healthy relationships with family and friends. Have been promoting healthy behaviors as foundation for disease prevention and health for more than 20 years. Have been educating patients on screening, diagnosing and monitoring of lifestyle-related diseases. He has lectured extensively on these topics and “Lifestyles of
  • Centenarians” and help patients to self-manage their health behaviors and lifestyles.
  • Currently Co-chair of IRB and working on two Research projects related to PTSD and TBI at Kansas City VA Medical Center. • Have been studying nutrition based upon Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr and Dr. T Collin Campbell programs and have been teaching it in live lectures/seminars in entertaining ways for more than 15 years with significant improvement in health of my patients.
  • Motivational Speaker and have spoken nationally and internationally in seven countries with 2000 plus lectures/seminars on “Innovative Approaches to PTSD and Life Stress”
  • Author of three books with latest book, “Innovative Holistic Approaches to PTSD and Life stress” and first book and “Mega-Mind: Path to Success and Freedom: Guide to Achieving Success and Ultimate Happiness” based upon studies of hundreds of people who were resilient despite going through numerous traumatic events/life stress and yet lived successful life and evidence-based strategies, tools, techniques of resilient people
  • Patients believe and trust him as patients are aware that he has been practicing for 23 years the lifestyle he teaches to patients
  • Received Prestigious “Legion of Merit,” “Order of Military Medical Merit” awards from Army
  • Received Special Contribution Award from Kansas City VAMC for exceptional, humanitarian clinical care to PTSD/TBI patients as reported by patients
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