Lifestyle Medicine Gretchen Schisla

Gretchen Schisla is the President and Founder of Enrich, a branding and marketing team dedicated to serving individuals and organizations who help others improve their health through lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition.

Gretchen’s focus is on helping healthcare practitioners and groups differentiate their offerings and represent themselves successfully in this expanding market. Through brand strategy and marketing, she identifies key solutions to increase connection with an audience, which grows a patient base and builds a business. As a consultant, designer and writer, Gretchen brings over 35 years of insight, expertise and industry perspective to help clients make the best decisions for their product or service.

With the rise of lifestyle diseases, Gretchen appreciates having the opportunity to collaborate with clients who are making a real difference in people’s health. She believes: “Design matters. It’s a critical tool to communicate a purpose, to educate, to bring awareness to a problem, to inspire individuals and unite communities – and to act as an agent for change.”

Gretchen holds a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Boston University.
She served as a full professor at University of Missouri-St. Louis and is the recipient of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Design Fellow and the AIGA Local Legend awards. Her work has been recognized by New York Art Director’s Club, PRINT, CLIO, International Association of Business Communicators and HOW Magazine.

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