Lifestyle Medicine Elisabeth Fontaine

Elisabeth Fontaine, MD, is the Medical Director of Lifestyle Medicine and RiseVT atNorthwestern Medical Center. A founding member of RISEVT, a community-basedapproach to embracing healthy lifestyles, she is also the Medical Director for RiseVT at the state level with OneCareVT.
Dr. Fontaine is Board Certified in OB GYN with a successful practice for 23 years not only delivering babies and treating women, yet also educating each patient on healthybehaviors. She is notably one of the first to become Board Certifiedin Lifestyle Medicine through the American College of LifestyleMedicine. She has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Obesity. She recently completed the Duke Leadership program in Integrative Medicine.
Her interest as a physician has been in keeping her patients healthy with primary prevention – RiseVT. Her work withphysician colleagues has connected this primary prevention approach to primary care as criticalto the care continuum. She is dedicated to coaching a village to health.
In her leisure time Dr. Fontaine, with family and friends, is very active travelling the world with biking and hiking always a part of her life. She wants everyone to feel as good as she does about living a healthy lifestyle -where healthy living is part of everyone’s life.

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