Lifestyle Medicine Dennis Muscato

Dennis Muscato, MS is Co-Director of LMEd (Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative) and adjunct faculty at Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific. His focus is achieving goals for organizations developing large inter-professional volunteer national and global collaboration social impact networks to make a better world.

This is achieved by strategically and tactically by engaging volunteers to create personal goals that align strongly and passionately with the goals of the organization and the larger social change movement in an ongoing manner to produce actionable results.

This large scale collaboration work includes Fortune 100 corporations, associations, and university collaborations in Corporate Responsibility, Socially Responsible Investing, and Medical School Education. Organizations include: LMEd, Business for Social Responsibility, Oregon Business Council Industry Clusters, and Global Reporting Initiative.

He led charitable giving through major technology grants with community non-profits, local agencies, K-12, community colleges, and universities throughout Oregon. Dennis served as a founding board member of UC Berkeley Haas Center for Responsible Business. He created and led HP Global Corporate Social Responsibility Stakeholder Relations.

His focus is working with organizations in creating active change collaboration networks that produce results. A key is mentoring each person in the network to achieving their own goals as well.

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