Cristina Coner began her clinical career 27 years ago as a women’s health nurse practitioner and continued that work for 17 years. Cristy earned a master’s in nursing. She transitioned from women’s health to chronic pain management and is currently pursuing credentials for cluonic pain management and recovery . Before joining the Integrative Pain Program (IPP), she worked in the office of a private pain management physician. There she learned medication management and a variety of injection techniques.

She has put those skills to work at the IPP, but with a new philosophy. The main focus is to empower those impacted by chronic pain by educating and offering tools to self-manage their pain. These tools develop the mind and body. Her time with the IPP has made her a true believer in the integrative approach. She participates in the Pain School curriculum leading sessions on medications, sleep, and exercise. Cristy continues to provide injections and additionally, see people for evaluation and follow-up appointments. She is proud to be part of the IPP team; a tight knit group that continually collaborates to improve the program and the lives of those the program serves.

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