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Dr. Cliff Morris is a highly regarded board certified cardiologist whose unique approach takes into account the physical, psychological, cultural, and social aspects of heart disease. The Morris Cardiovascular and Risk Reduction Center, which he founded, has the first Medical Fitness Program of its kind, which reverses heart disease and diabetes through comprehensive lifestyle change.

Educated at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he received his BS degree in biology while playing basketball for the legendary Coach Dean Smith and UNC Tarheels. His former teammates included greats such as Michael Jordan, Kenny Smith, and Brad Daugherty.

His life work has earned him many prestigious honors over the 25+ years he has been practicing medicine. A few of these include recognition for his humanitarian efforts including the 2008 Planetree Physicians’ Award for compassion oriented patient care. In 2009 he was the first physician at John Randolph Medical Center to be honored with the HCA Frist Humanitarian Award, and for several years he has been honored with Richmond’s top award for Best Bedside Manner by Our Health Magazine. Dr. Morris has four children and lives with his loving wife Fran and their dog Dusty. He enjoys daily meditation, Tai Chi, and performing acts of service in the community. His motto is “”All Doctors Are Not The Same””, and he is deeply grateful for any opportunity to grow and contribute to the world.

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