Dr. Chris Lineberry, Ed.D has been an educator since graduating with his undergraduate degree from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1994. The true beginning of the IMPACT program started while Chris was 36, working as a Principal at Richfield Elementary in North Carolina. Overweight and out of shape, Chris suffered a minor heart attack at school and was carried out on a stretcher. Realizing that a major cause of his condition was stress, Chris, along with his staff set out to improve coping mechanisms for staff and improve staff health. The discussion naturally progressed to student health and wellness. Armed with data on 4th grade students, 44% of whom had BMI rankings in the 85th percentile or above, Chris threw the sugary, highly caloric foods out of his cafeteria, implemented an hour of physical activity daily for students, and required staff to integrate health and wellness into the curriculum. Student achievement improved, staff attendance improved, and student BMI decreased. Richfield Elementary achieved 3 years of academic growth in a two year time period. The results earned him and his staff the North Carolina Prevention Partners School of Excellence award in 2007 as well as the designation as a School of Distinction, ranking Richfield Elementary in the top 10% of schools in North Carolina. This also prompted the North Carolina Department of Public Health to produce a documentary focusing on this work.​Dr. Lineberry has turned around multiple schools in various states utilizing health and wellness as the centerpiece. In the Spring of 2015 he and Stanfield Elementary School, in Stanfield, Arizona were recognized by the USDA-FNS HealthierUS Schools Challenge with the Gold with Distinction award level within one year of his arrival. The Gold with Distinction award certifies that Stanfield has met the highest standards of nutrition and physical education. Only 375 schools out of 100,000 have received this honor in the 11 year history of the program. Stanfield is the first school in Arizona to receive this award. In addition to the HUSSCC Gold with Distinction Award, the Silver Award in 2016 from The Alliance for a Healthier Generation and recognition of administrative excellence by the Arizona Health and PE Teachers Association, Dr. Lineberry and his school have earned the Gold Award from HAWP (first school in AZ to do so), a Special Congressional Commendation from Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, recognition from the White House and The First Lady, and most recently, Dr. Lineberry and his school have been awarded a $100,000 school and community fitness center by the National Foundation for the Governors Fitness Councils for their work toward improving student, staff, and community health. Chris was recently named the 2016 – 2017 Arizona Health and Physical Education Administrator of the Year.

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