Dr. Collings is board certified in both Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine.  She is currently director of Lifestyle Medicine at Silicon Valley Medical Development and medical director of Cardiopulmonary Wellness at El Camino Health in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Dr. Collings also is president-elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, which is a medical professional society recognizing that just as lifestyle is the primary driver of our chronic disease epidemic, providing evidence-based lifestyle solutions is the most effective way to achieve high quality and value-based care. 

Dr. Collings has over 30 years of clinical experience in Cardiology, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, and Lifestyle Medicine and is an ardent patient advocate In her capacity as director of Lifestyle Medicine for Silicon Valley Medical Development, she is building Lifestyle Medicine into the quality metrics and fabric of a new primary care model as a means of further focusing on the quadruple aim in her medical community and the broader Bay Area.  In service to ACLM, Dr. Collings has chaired the Education Committee, bringing education to practicing physicians and into medical, residency, and fellowship curriculum, and co-authored ACLM Standards.  She also has participated in the Lifestyle Medicine in Health Systems Task Force, among other roles. 

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