Associate Program Director, Family and Preventive Medicine Residency

Loma Linda University Health

Brenda Rea has consistently pursued professional training and experiences to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities in relation to lifestyle medicine. Specifically, she obtained her Master’s in Physical Therapy in 1995 and her DrPH in Preventive Care in 2003 from Loma Linda University (LLU). Working as a physical therapist with neurologically impaired, cardiopulmonary, pediatric, and balance disorder clients led her to a strong desire to prevent the debilitating effects of poor lifestyle behaviors. She subsequently transitioned into public health and nutrition where she fully developed and implemented lifestyle and preventive medicine educational interventions in the School of Public Health (SPH) at LLU. During her time as faculty in the LLU SPH, she became a founding member of ACLM. Dr. Rea’s desire to broaden her expertise and influence in the field of lifestyle medicine led her to complete medical school and residency at LLU in 2014 with board certifications in Family and Preventive Medicine. She is currently a physician in the Family and Preventive Medicine Departments at LLU with responsibilities that include Medical Director of the Employee Wellness program, Associate Program Director of the Family and Preventive Medicine Residency Program, a clinician in primary care and lifestyle medicine clinics, and an instructor of clinical skill development and lifestyle medicine training for residents and medical students. When not at work she can be found with her husband at the local gym exercising, backpacking in the great outdoors, playing beach volleyball, or learning how to cook (yes, I’m a dietitian that is learning to enjoy cooking thanks to amazing plant based chefs!!).

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