Blecenda Miranda-Varona has more than 30-years experience in health and wellness field. She pioneered the lifestyle medicine program in the Philippines. She designs and redesigns wellness program for business companies and communities. She is passionate in helping people adopt healthy living, and was blessed to receive an UNSUNG FILIPINO HERO AWARD awarded at the Philippine Senate.

She finished a Doctor in Public Health, Major in Preventive Health Care, Cum Laude  at Adventist University of the Philippines. She is a licensed Nutritionist-Dietitian since 1986 and has served the Nutritionist-Dietitian Association of the Philippines as board of director for four years.

She passed recently the Diplomate exam given by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine last February, 2018.

Currently she is designing and running lifestyle medicine programs under the Asian Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Inc. (ASLM), which she founded in 2006. ASLM has served more than 30 business companies in affordable Philippine price.

She has also served hundreds of poor communities for free of charge. She is currently training more than 600 Catholic Outreach Nuns, who are currently serving the poor communities in Asia Pacific. She has given VegeCapable program to the Seventh-day Adventist health educators around Asia. VegeCapable is comprehensive training on therapeutic nutrition maximizing the indigenous vegetables in the localities. Continually, she is giving health education programs to different religious groups (Christian, Muslims, Buddist) and she believes that people who are active in the church are those people who also are willing to spread the healthy lifestyle message and are dedicated to help other people.

She has authored and co-authored best seller books in the Philippines and other Asian countries namely: “Healing Wonders of Diet,” “Cooking Smart,” “Healthy Choices,” Makanan Penyembuh Ajaib (Healing Wonders of Diet – Indonesia),” “Majir Memasak Makanan Sehat (Cooking Smart – Indonesia),” which are all best seller health books in the Philippines and Indonesia. Her upcoming books are: Healthy Diet  (Punch and Munch),” and “Healthy Detox.

She recently designed the Practicum Manual for Doctor of Public Health under Adventist University of the Philippines.

She is also a lecturer at the American Academy of Family Medicine- Philippine Venue. And an adjunct Professor (Adventist University of the Philippines- College of Health and College of Medicine. And Advanced Nutrition 1 & 2 for MPH in Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies).

Her past experiences equipped her to be a more effective lifestyle medicine advocate. She had 18 years experience as Health and Wellness Director at Adventist Medical Center-Manila; 3 years, wellness consultant at the Central Bank of the Philippines and 10 years wellness lecturer and instructor at different Maritime Companies.

She popularized the “Indigenous Plant Based Nutrition and VegeCapable” to some Asian countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Abu Dhabi, Canada, Vancouver (Filipino Community), USA, San Diego and Moreno Valley (Filipino Community).

Her health talk show in Indonesia ranked the top viewed health show entitled: “Hidup Sehat, Pilian Anda” (translation: “Your Lifestyle, Your Choice”).

She has inspired hundreds of people join the health ministries, including her husband, David who took also Master in Public Health, and their two sons who are also licensed Nutritionist-Dietitians.

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