Lifestyle Medicine Amy Mechley

CEO, Co-Founder, and Volunteer Adjunct Professor

Integrative Family Care


Dr. Mechley is a practicing Direct Primary Care family medicine physician, entrepreneur, clinical consultant and teacher.  Her career as a physician is grounded on servant led principles and she takes innovative approaches to some of the most challenging concerns in healthcare today. As a recognized physician executive in primary care, she has had the successful opportunity to lead transformation in an Advanced Payment Model working with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation and the State of Ohio governor’s task force. She has also completed a certificate in Design Thinking from Xavier University. Dr Mechley is double boarded in Lifestyle and Family Medicine. She is actively involved in teaching medical students and family medicine residents.  It is her interest in aligning her focus of Lifestyle Medicine principals within the practice of primary care that has led her to open IFC Direct Primary Care in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has subsequently created TRI-DPC, a network of Independant DPC practices contracting directly with employers.

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