We all experience trauma. It comes early if we’ve been abused or neglected as children or arrive in the world facing the challenges of poverty and discrimination. It may come later as we deal with the pain of broken relationships, overwhelming job stress, sexual harassment, the dangers of combat, or a life-threatening or serious illness. If we live long enough, we will contend with the loss of loved ones, physical frailty, and our own impending death. Trauma is not apart from life, it is an integral part of it.

James S. Gordon, MD, a world-recognized authority on depression and anxiety, as well as post-traumatic stress, and an acclaimed mind-body medicine pioneer, offers a comprehensive, evidence-based program for reversing the biological and psychological damage that trauma does, and for learning from and growing through its challenges to become who we’re meant to be.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the physiological correlates of psychological trauma and the ways mind-body skills address them.
  • Discuss the research on the effectiveness of mind-body skills in relieving the symptoms of psychological trauma.
  • Demonstrate the use of mind-body skills for self-care.



The date


Sat, 24 Oct 2020