A gaping void exists across the medical education continuum with regards to Lifestyle Medicine training. Extraordinary strategies are being developed and implemented across organizations to provide Lifestyle Medicine education to improve physician competency in the prevention, treatment and reversal of chronic disease. Highlights of these strategies across organizations in undergraduate medical education, resident and fellowship graduate medical education, and continuing medical education will be presented. In addition, standards for Lifestyle Medicine integration into medical school curriculum across the continuum will be discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the gaping void in Lifestyles Medicine training across the medical education continuum, and provide examples of Lifestyle Medicine training strategies, as well as lessons learned, occurring in organizations, medical schools, resident and fellowship graduate medical education and continuing medical education.
  • Describe efforts trainees, faculty and administration, health care providers, and organizations can do to strengthen efforts within their systems and organizations to improve Lifestyle Medicine training.
  • Describe the ACLM standards for Lifestyle Medicine implementation across the medical education curriculum and how these standards may assure quality of LM knowledge and skills for physicians, reduce barriers to implementation, and increase value of LM training across the U.S.



The date


Fri, 23 Oct 2020