Today we are seeing one of the greatest epidemics of modern era devastating families in United States and most of the west. To date, we have absolutely no disease-modifying drug or treatment, but we have known for several years that comprehensive lifestyle intervention can have a profound effect in preventing Alzheimer’s and slowing down cognitive decline in millions at risk of developing the disease. We hope to implement these interventions in communities throughout the country and making a difference in the lives of countless families. This presentation will focus on the factors that have been shown to affect brain health and the unique approach we hope to take in order to bring about those changes in the communities.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn about statistics and science behind the epidemic of Alzheimer’s.
  • To learn about the science of prevention and lifestyle as it pertains to dementia and Alzheimer’s in particular.
  • To learn about how to most effectively implement change at the level of public health throughout the country.



The date


Sat, 24 Oct 2020